ATV Tour Migriño

ATV Tour Migriño

This is The famous ATV Tour. Many years ago it used to departure from downtown Cabo San Lucas and after crossing the dirt streets (about 20 years ago), we used to play on the sand dunes next to the Old Light House. Unfortunately the Ejido sold the land for building new Resorts and Golf Courses.
Nowdays, the same rush spirit is found in this tour, but surry, no more sand dunes.

ATV Tour Migriño
ATV Tour Migriño

Migriño is a little further,mahout 20 minutes from Cabo San Lucas, but do not worry, transportation from and to your hotel is included on the tour.
After you sing the release form, and get all your gear, the tour will take you on small roads, called "brechas" till we get to the big dry arroyo of Migriño and we will have a blast on the small tracks and push the ATV to the top speed.mIn case some water is running, usually after the rain, we will by playin as kids to get some mud and splash other riders.
On the way back we will have the chance to ride along the beach and stop to take some pictures.

ATV Tour Migriño
ATV Tour Migriño


Transportation included
15 minutes introduction
2 1/2 hours ride
All equipment included
Bottled water

Must be 18 years old to drive.
Credit card and driver's license required.
Park entrance fee of $10 usd per person not included.
Optional collision insurace $20 usd per vehicle not included.


Single $110 usd
Tandem $140 usd




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