Scuba diving in Cabo San Lucas

Land's End

Land's End is your first option for scuba diving while you are here in Los Cabos. We have many spots to dive, from 15 to 100 feet deep that will fit all kind of divers, from beginners to advanced. And the best of all, just outside the marina in Cabo San Lucas.
If it's your first time in Los Cabos, or if you come here every year, I'm sure you will have a blast and be able to see something different every time.
For beginners and for snorkeling, The Pelican's Rock is a must. An isolated rock cover with gorgonians, starfishes, sea urchins, and more, is the habitat of beautiful coral fish.
The Sandfalls it's an iconic dive, at 90 feet deep, the sand from the shore felt into the submarine canyon. This spot was discovered by Jacques Custeau in the 70's.

Scuba diving in Cabo San Lucas
Scuba diving in Cabo San Lucas

The Neptune's Finger is an excellent deep dive where yu may see mantarrays and some pelagic fish.
Next to the famous Arch, the Sealion's Colony at the Pinnacle, is where this marine mammals hangout mostly all year. The females are very friendly and often seem to show off, swimming in circles and spirals in front of divers while the larger males keep more to themselves. You'll also see lots of other marine life, including eels, angelfish, parrotfish, garden eels, spotted box fish puffers, giant hawkfish and barberfish. You might also see tuna, barracuda, herring, turtles and schools of jack.

Scuba diving in Cabo San Lucas
Scuba diving in Cabo San Lucas


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Kids over 12 years old, same price




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