Whale Watching Photo Safari

Whale Watching Photo Safari

There are few things in the world that compare to the sight of massive Humpback whales shooting out of the ocean's dephts and launching high into the air returning to the sea amidst a colossal splash.
To be yards away from such a sight is a truly breathtaking experience. Join us on our specially designed, high-speed inflatable Apex boats for a safe and comfortable expedition.

Whale Watching Photo Safari
Whale Watching Photo Safari

On this tour, you will learn all about these magnificent animals and even have the opportunity to listen to them communicate under the surface with our hydrophone sound system.
Our guides will get you as close as safely possible so you can capture the whale displays in spectacular photos and video to take home and share with family and friends. Don ́t miss out on this extraordinary experience.

Whale Watching Photo Safari
Whale Watching Photo Safari

Each winter, Gray whales, Blue Whales and Humpback Whales migrate 10,000 km south from their arctic feeding grounds, to breed and rear their young in Baja California's sheltered lagoons.
After their long journey from Alaska, the Whales arrive in the shallow and warm waters of Baja California peninsula. The lagoons of the Baja California peninsula become sanctuaries for the whales.
This is where you can see them mating, nursing and playing with their young calves. In Baja, you can see these amazing and wonderful creatures, up-close and in large numbers.
The Baja California Peninsula, is considered one of the most important Whale breeding sites in the world


Transportation included
Bilingual Guide
Bottled water


Adult $89 usd
Children 5 to 11 $69 usd

Minimum age 5 years old




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